Following his two previous singles relating to the feeling of being in love, grentperez focuses on heartbreak in new single, ‘Clementine’.

gretperez deals with heartbreak and not being able to move on from someone in new emotive single ‘Clementine’.

He shares,

“Clementine is written about a love so strong that even if you chose to wipe your memory, it’s simply inevitable that you will fall in love with this person again. This song takes heavy inspiration from the 2004 film, ‘Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind’ so much so it borrows the main character’s name for the title of the song. This could also be a song about Human Nature, how the environment around us and the things we remember could change but our feelings and intuition do not.”

The new track follows singles ‘My Heart It Beats For You’ and ‘Cherry Wine’.

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The latter has seen massive support across Southeast Asia, charting in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The song was featured in MTV Asia, VH1 India, SEA Today (Indonesia), ABS-CBN (Philippines), and Nylon Manila.

Focusing on crafting bedroom pop music that will bring out the inner romantic within listeners, grentperez grew up with his father’s music, the likes of which includes The Eagles, The Beatles, and Queen before teaching himself how to play Jeremy Passion’s ‘Lemonade’ on his guitar.

He launched his YouTube channel at the end of 2013, garnering over half a million subscribers and 30 million views to date.