Milky Chance release cover and remix compilation ‘Trip Tape’

Pop German duo Milky Chance have released Trip Tape, a collection of covers and remixes taken from their ‘Road Tripping Radio’ series, ahead of their North American tour.

Milky Chance have shared Trip Tape, a compilation featuring covers and remixes originally featured in the soundtrack as part of the pair’s ‘Road Tripping Radio’ series.

The collection includes covers of hit songs including Soft Cell’s ‘Tainted Love’, Dua Lipa’s ‘Levitating’, The Weeknd’s ‘Save Your Tears’, and Bad Bunny and Rosalía’s reggaeton hit ‘La Noche De Anoche’. The latter marks the duo’s first time singing in Spanish.

Trip Tape also includes the duo’s latest single ‘Colorado’, which peaked at #2 on the Triple A Radio charts and just hit the Top 10 at Alternative Radio.

The project started since last year in August, when vocalist Clemens Rehbein moved to Berlin to be closer to bassist and percussionist Philipp Dausch. Once united, the pair spent their time in the studio experimenting with covers of other artists.

The group comments,

“We spent so much time in the studio the past couple of years working on new music and ‘Colorado’ was the big kick-off. But in lockdown two things happened – next to ‘Colorado’ we found ourselves with so many new songs we love and we also got into making our own versions of other artists’ songs we enjoy. On top of that Icarus made a remix of ‘Colorado’ that we’re absolutely buzzing about! So how can we bring all of these different things out?.. A TRIP TAPE.”

Milky Chance’s ‘Road Tripping Radio’ video series sees the pop duo drive through cities such as Berlin and San Francisco while listening to an alternate world radio where every song is performed by them.

Milky Chance are preparing for a headlining North American tour beginning November 18.





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