Singaporean hip-hop outfit HYBRD bares it all and shows off their versatility in their debut EP titled THE HYLIFE.

THE HYLIFE EP plays an integral role in showcasing the duality of both Q and Draco: party people who know how to have fun, adversely, individuals with a sense of depth and vulnerability. Each track comes together and showcases all the flashiness that comes with Hip Hop culture, in contrast with the fallible nature of being human.

Working alongside up-and-coming Singaporean producers such as Lowkeii, tylo and C.DRIC, as well as seasoned producer BOEY (from Yeti Pack), this EP (coming a year after their rebrand from “Hybreed Society”) brings together all the best parts of HYBRD – as individuals and as Hip-Hop artistes.

HYBRD’s Q describes the essence of putting this EP together:

“Coming from very different backgrounds as very different people, we hoped to express both of our styles and abilities coming together as HYBRD. Instead of pigeonholing ourselves. BOEY, our lead producer, pushed us hard to experiment and go beyond our comfort zones. The result is an imperfect, honest collection of our ambitions and vices – peek behind the curtains of our mindset as both individuals and a duo.”

Singaporean Hip-Hop Outfit HYBRD has reinvented themselves as a powerhouse duo, re-emerging as the “ones to watch” within the music scene. Taking past judgement and criticism into their stride, Draco Raj and Q took the time to grow, found themselves as individuals and honed their artistry as a duo. Thus, transforming into a formidable force.

Drawing influences from the likes of Rae Sremmurd, Jay Park and BIGBANG, HYBRD brings a unique perspective to what it means to be a Hip-Hop artiste in Singapore’s entertainment landscape. The duo’s revamped sound takes a darker twist into a mature direction – Delivering an electrifying experience that exudes confidence and a flair for living life unapologetically.

Draco Raj and Q are no strangers to the stage. They have brought their dynamic energy to countless island-wide school tours over the years. On top of emerging as 1st runner-up for House of Vans: Musicians Most Wanted 2017, they have performed on various stages and festivals, including Shine Festival 2017, Sundown Festival 2018, metalBEATZ by Anaki Records in 2018, Aliwal Urban Arts Fest 2019, Esplanade’s “All Things New” 2020, among others. 

This is now their time to move forward and be the best version of themselves: The true artistes they were meant to be, as HYBRD.

THE HYLIFE Tracklist

  2. NOT ME (Prod. tylo)
  3. INCOGNITO (Prod. BOEY, lowkeii)
  4. SHUT IT DOWN (Prod. BOEY)
  5. BETTER (Prod. BOEY)
  6. WANT THE ONES (Prod. C.DRIC from 2400RED)