INTERVIEW: “I feel like that’s why my ‘sound’ is a little different too.” – Beren Olivia

We interviewed rising pop artist Beren Olivia to find out more about her music, next single release as well as her forthcoming debut EP.

With a burgeoning music career that launched during the global pandemic, British alt-pop artist Beren Olivia is one to to keep your eyes (and ears!) on!

The 22-year-old has made an impressive name for herself since coming out the gate in 2020. From independently going from zero to 4.5 million streams in a few singles and picking up huge support at BBC Radio 1 as well as Clash, who described Beren’s talent as “The 22 year old is surging into fresh spaces…deliciously infectious”, Beren Olivia is indeed surging forward.

Her penchant for lyrics after inheriting a poetry book from her mum, teaching herself to play the guitar at 13, and diving into the world of TikTok, Instagram and YouTube with her music, Beren Olivia has emerged like a butterfly – ready to cross the next chapter of her journey.

Her resilience in the “adversity” of music production during the pandemic (from socially-distanced collabs for instance) shows just how far she has come and is willing to go.

Her songs capture the essence of what it is to be young on this journey, the ups and downs included – and sets her music as a beacon to guide her listeners.

Produced by Dylan Bauld (Halsey and Simple Creatures), Hurt Again is her latest release to date – an all too relatable song from the singer-songwriter.

We look forward to her EP as she propels her towards the next chapter of her career

AL365: Hi Beren, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How are you? I heard from friends in the UK that the weather’s pretty hot recently – are you enjoying the sunshine as well?

Beren Olivia: Hi Vanessa! I’m doing really well thank you! The weather is scorching hot in the UK at the moment and I can honestly say I’m thriving in it. My whole mood changes when it’s warm outside, I become way more productive and my mood in general just improves. Whenever it’s cold, I just want to hide under a pile of blankets and go into hibernation haha!

AL365: Congrats on your latest single Hurt Again and your forthcoming EP. How excited are you about its upcoming release?

Beren Olivia: Thank you! I’m so excited and it’s taking all the strength in me to not just leak everything at once! Those who follow me on socials know that I am the queen of leaking my own music. This EP is the first body of work that I have been able to release and so much thought has gone into choosing the songs and the artworks/visuals. Although all of the songs are quite different in their own right and tell different stories, it was really important for me to maintain consistency and make sure they all capture a similar moment in time.

AL365: Is there going to be a third single release after Hurt Again, or is the debut EP the next release?

Beren Olivia: There is a third single! It’s called Red Ripped Sweater and it’s out on 30 July. I actually just leaked a section of the chorus on my TikTok so if you’re reading this, go check it out and let me know what you think!

AL365: Which would you say is your most personal song in the EP?

Beren Olivia: My most personal song, and I’d also say my most vulnerable song, is a track that will come out when the whole EP drops. It’s called ‘The Way My Mama Looks At Me’. I started writing it when I was 13/14 (I have a very gross sounding voice memo of me singing it actually. Different melodies but the same/similar lyrics). A few months after I left school, I took the song to a writer/producer who I completely trusted would capture it in the way I imagined and we finished writing it together. I’m definitely excited for people to hear this one. I think it’s one that a lot of people will relate to.

AL365: We heard that you inherited a poetry book some time back. What’s your favourite piece of poetry from that book and was there one that inspired your music journey or songwriting?

Beren Olivia: I think poetry, and words in general just made me fall in love with storytelling. My mum used to read these poems to my brother and I all the time before bed and of course, I was so young, it wasn’t until I was a little older that I really understood them. But the way my mum used to read them had me completely wrapped up in the stories. My absolute favourite, and it’s still my favourite today, is called The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. I used to read it over and over again. I just love it.

AL365: You taught yourself to play the guitar at age 13. What was the first song or piece that you learned to play back then?

Beren Olivia: Yes – it was a Taylor Swift song! I taught myself ‘Breathe’ off of her Fearless album.

AL365: Who would you say has been your prominent influence towards your music?

Beren Olivia: I have so many influences and they are all so so different. I feel like that’s why my ‘sound’ is a little different too. My all time favourite has to be Taylor Swift. She’s my idol for so many reasons. Her storytelling and relatability when it comes to her songwriting is something that I strive for in my writing also and admire so much.

AL365: In terms of collaborations – who would you love to work with someday?

Beren Olivia: I absolutely love collaborations! There are so many people that I’d love to write and create with. If I had to pick a few it would be H.E.R, Finneas, JP Saxe, Shawn Mendes, the list goes on so I will stop myself there before I get too excited!

AL365: Besides the release of the new EP, what’s next in the pipeline for you and where do you see yourself going in the next chapter of your career?

Beren Olivia: I’ve been releasing music for a little over a year now, so I’ve only known the ‘music industry’ as it has been during a pandemic. I can’t wait to start touring, visiting different countries and meeting all of the fans who have been so aggressively supporting me throughout my career so far. Their support means the world. I’m such a hugger, I just want to hug everyone and say thank you!

AL365: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans in Asia?

Beren Olivia: Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the infinite support and I cannot wait to meet you all one day and sing with you in a massive arena!

AL365: Thanks again Beren! We’re so looking forward to the release of Red Ripped Sweater (we’ve listened to it – love the Taylor Swiftie vibes in them so much!) as well as your forthcoming EP! You rock!

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