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Christopher talks unexpected audition, Danish humility and working with Boyd Kosiyabong

Last week Danish pop star Christopher performed in Bangkok for the first time at The Groove, Central World. To the fans’ warm response he sang and danced to “Twerk It Like Miley”, “CPH Girls”, “I Won’t Let You Down” before stripping it down in an acoustic set with “Heartbeat”, “Naked” and “To Me”, a cover of popular Thai song “Chan Dee Jai Tee Mee Ter”.

Before the showcase, the media got to sit down with the 25-year-old Copenhagen native to learn more about him, the day he turned up at EMI for an unexpected audition, the Danish humility, and working with local producer and “Master of Love Songs” like Boyd Kosiyabong.

You once said that Michael Jackson and John Mayer are your inspirations. In what way do they inspire you?

I think that when people are really good at something, that’s just the most motivating and inspiring thing in the world. I just saw Bruno Mars perform in Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago. He’s one of my idols, too. And he was just so annoyingly good that I just wanted to go home and dance and write songs and be great, you know? So whenever people are really great at anything, I think that’s when they’re most inspiring.

There’s a story of the day you got signed with EMI that you showed up at their Copenhagen office unannounced with your guitar and sang some tunes for the executives. Can you tell us more about that day? What was on your mind that day that made you decide, this is it, I’m doing this.

I’ve aways just wanted this so bad, I’ve always just wanted to be a singer. At that point that was the only way to do it. I was about to piss my pants, to be honest. I was so scared! But you have to take a long shot once in a while, taking a chance in life. If you don’t take a chance, you’ll never win anything so it took a lot of courage, but I’m glad I did it.


What are the most memorable moments in your career so far?

That’s a very good question. I feel like seeing my music travel and being in Asia, for example, coming to Thailand and seeing the people know the songs, that’s definitely something I’ll never forget. I think that my career now is sort of peaking and I’m at a point where I know I’m experiencing a lot things that I know I’ll never forget, because the first time you do something is always the time you’ll remember. And I remember getting my first fans and shooting my first music video in Denmark, and I know I’m never going to forget that. So right now, traveling with my music for the first time and performing in different countries for the first time, that’s gonna to be some of my most memorable moments at some point. I’m gonna look back and be like, oh I remember my first time in Bangkok at that showcase! Definitely.

You said that Closer is your most personal album?

I think that I’ve matured as an artist and a songwriter. Everything I do right now and everything I did when I made Closer, I feel like there’s a natural development and I keep getting better and better. For me, part of getting better is daring to be more personal and honest. I was really honest on the album and I’m gonna be even more honest when I make the next one. I think it’s just a natural process.

What is the most Danish thing about yourself?

The most Danish thing about myself? I think it’s my humility. I think that a lot of celebrities, American ones at least, they can easily grow arrogant and forget where they come from. That’s a very Danish thing. We have this thing called janteloven, which is like, don’t think you can be somebody, don’t think you are somebody just because you have money or success and so on. Stay grounded, you know? That’s one of my dearest qualities, I’ve realised. Because no one wants an arrogant prick, you know? So just try to be who you are and treat people the way you want to be treated.

What was it like working with Boyd Kosiyabong?

I’m very excited to do a cover of one of Boyd’s songs. I’m really looking forward to singing it today in front of the crowd because I know that it’s a big song out here so hopefully people will know the melody. To get to know Boyd, talk to him and see his catalogue, and learn how big and influential he’s been in the Thai music scene is a huge honour. It’s an honour to cover one of his songs.


Is it different developing a song that already exists in another language?

I’d never done that before so it was very different. Actually the hardest part about covering that song was that I didn’t know what the lyrics were about so I sort of had to make up the vibe and I talked to Boyd. My cover is about the girls out there who are picking on their flaws, looking at themselves in the mirror, not being satisfied and wanting to change, and then there’s me saying “I know you don’t feel like you’re perfect, but you are.” Then I learned that the original is more or less around the same concept so that’s just to prove that Boyd’s melody is great and music is a universal language.

“To Me” is set to be released on Friday, June 2. In the meantime, you can stream and download Christopher’s albums, Colors, Told You So and Closer, and latest single “Naked” on Apple Music and JOOX.
Special thanks to Warner Music Thailand.





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