INTERVIEW: SILVY on being your own ‘QUEEN’

After appearing in multiple Thai singing shows in the past, Thai-Italian pop songstress SILVY has reinvented herself earlier this year as a fierce and confident artist challenging norms within the music industry of Thailand.

We interview the ‘QUEEN’ on her recent singles, her past struggles she has experienced early on in her career, and her goal of sending out positive messages in being true to who you are.

SILVY (real name: Pavida Moriggi) got her start as a singing contestant by appearing in Thai shows such as The Voice and The Star. During this experience, she faced challenges regarding her body image, being told she wasn’t skinny enough to be pretty.

Earlier this year, she signed to Warner Music Asia, and she’s back to tell listeners it’s okay to be who you are.

SILVY describes her music as “real” with lyrics that are upfront and honest. Listeners can easily understand the important social messages she is trying to send, especially within the Thai music industry where beauty standards continue to portray celebrities as thin with white skin.

In August, she showed the world what she’s made of with ‘XL’, a song brimming with confidence that encourages women to be proud of their body. Or as she proudly proclaims, “I’ve got the baddest ass you’ve ever seen!”

The music video earned almost two million views and has been streamed over two million times.

In her next single, ‘QUEEN’, she boldly encourages everyone from all walks of life to have the freedom to be themselves and dance with her.

The song is an empowering single for the Thai youth of the LGBTQ+ community.

We did a video call with the badass QUEEN to tell us more about her music and her past experiences in her career.

AsiaLive365: Hello, SILVY! Nicky here from AsiaLive365! You’ve recently put out a new track and music video titled ‘QUEEN’. Basically, it’s about LGBTQ+ representation, but tell us more about how you came up with the song.

SILVY: I feel like I’m the leader in my own life, I do things extra and be my own QUEEN. I want people to feel that too, that’s why I want my audience to feel that they can put on their own crowns by themselves. We don’t need other people to tell us what to be, we can be our own QUEEN.

AL365: I checked out the music video for ‘QUEEN’. It has nice colors, elaborate dance choreography and costumes. Tell us more about the creative process.

SILVY: I owe it all to my team. Once they heard the song, they feel that the MV has to be vibrant, it has to have a vogue-style choreography as it represents queerness. Everything was executed well because the things we wanted to say were already there in the song.

AL365: Previously, you’ve released a song titled ‘XL’ which dealt with body positivity. Your songs relate with empowerment and having the confidence to be yourself. Within Thailand, do you feel that it’s important to send out these messages in your music?

SILVY: Of course, I think songs are more mass mainstream than what we do on social media. I’ve been representing myself as an influencer for body positivity, self-confidence and empowerment for a long time. People got the memo when I put out ‘XL’.

If the message is right, if the song is right, everything will catch on easily. I think we don’t have much diversity in television. We all see the same type of people, for example, you have to be super white and super skinny in order to be called ‘beautiful’.

The world is changing right now, I see a lot more influencers trying to bring that message out to change perspectives. That is very important because in real life we have people that are different. If we have the power in influencing people to think that they can be proud to be different, that would be great because a lot of people will look up to that new concept too.

AL365: Prior to your solo career, you were best known for appearing in singing shows such as The Star and The Voice. How was your experience working in television?

SILVY: I was young, around 15 years old. I came into the competitions with the goal of becoming an artist. I made it as one of eight finalists. When they chose me, they knew I’m not skinny. They knew I had the singing talent.

When I earned my career in singing, I got notes from the adults telling me that I have to lose weight in order to make it into the industry. That was my struggle. I tried to fit in by losing weight. What started as a goal to become an artist turned into a goal to become skinny! It fucked me up a little bit as by that point I didn’t even know what I wanted anymore.

They always told me if I was skinnier, I would be pretty. I received comments like, “She can sing very well, but she’s fat. I feel sorry for her.” Like what the hell is wrong with being fat!? If I’m great at singing, then I am great! It’s not always about the looks, that’s what I’ve learned from my past experiences.

As soon as my contract ended, I started to gain more confidence. I stopped forcing myself to head to the gym and lose weight, stopped obsessing over calories. I looked in the mirror and told myself, “I will learn to love this beautiful creature.” I’ve been practicing that every day and it got me this far!

If you love yourself, you will be even more beautiful than you were.

AL365: You’ve signed to Warner Music Asia, stating that they gave you complete control over your music. How was the experience like working with other labels?

SILVY: The realest thing that’s very different working here is that any subject is allowed such as body positivity in my songs. I don’t see any other Thai label tackling these subjects. It’s always about love songs!

I feel that people believe in me much more with open communication.

AL365: Would you say the beauty standards in Thailand have changed compared to, let’s say, 5-10 years ago?

SILVY: I don’t think it has changed, it’s still there. But more people have come out and talked about challenging these standards. They’re saying, “I will not give a fuck about beauty standards”.

There are still people who think being skinny and white is normal, and it’s not wrong if you ask me. It’s wrong if you’re beating yourself up chasing that standard. I will not be a part of that, I will be my own standard. With this mindset, it’s a lot more healthier.

AL365: What can we do to change this way of thinking?

SILVY: I think we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others. That’s the one thing that was sabotaging my life. I was always comparing myself to other skinny people in order to be beautiful. It really drags you down. You just have to start looking at yourself and be “I love you. You are real.”

AL365: How does one practice the act of self-love?

SILVY: In my own experience, you have to chase your own thoughts that’s happening in your brain. I used to be self-aware with how people are watching and being able to see my fat arms and legs. But then I internalized by thinking how can I change these thoughts?

Now when I think such things, I tell myself that I am proud of it, Just keep repeating with these affirmations. You have the power to select good or bad things that will go through your mind.

AL365: What’s in store for you in the near future?

SILVY: I’ve got a new single coming up very soon. I just want people to know that I’m human. I’m not always uplifting, there is so much more that fans can connect with me.

AL365: Which Thai artist do you find inspiring at the moment?

SILVY: I’m gonna go with MILLI. She’s great!

AL365: What makes you who you are today?

SILVY: The boldness. The way I go out and bend the rules and go out of Thai norms. The SILVY you knew before doesn’t exist now.

AL365: How was 2021 for SILVY?

The last three months was life changing when ‘XL’ came out. I’ve been doing more press tours with PR. It’s been awesome!

AL365: What would you like to tell your fans in Asia?

SILVY: I’m really thankful that fans picked up on my message in making them feel better about themselves. I’m only human, I’m still figuring out myself too! I’m here to tell you that you got a friend, and you are the one to pick yourself up! We’re gonna get through this together!

AL365: Thank you SILVY! Congratulations on your success, your music is fierce. You’ve definitely got “the baddest ass!”

SILVY: (Laughs) Thank you so much!

EDIT: SILVY’s newest single, ‘Troublemaker’, is out now!





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