Jean Tan releases new remix to ‘Oak Cherry Wine’

Singaporean singer-songwriter Jean Tan has released a remix of her spellbinding single, ‘Oak Cherry Wine’. The new song comes as a follow up to her recently-released 5-track EP, Blooms.

Produced by Singaporean music producer, Feng Lee, the synth-pop-soul remix is a collaboration with Korean Youtube artist 양중은Yang Jung Eun.

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Written in her distinctive, bluesy vein, ‘Oak Cherry Wine’ is a love song interwoven with Jean’s personal experiences. It tells the story of Jean’s personal health struggles with kidney disease, and of the man who stood by her in the celebratory and difficult moments alike. Like all truly good romance stories, the song’s lyrics has a bittersweet tinge, and is all the better for it – a love that is tried and true.

Marrying Jean’s lyrical sensitivity with 양중은Yang Jung Eun’s dulcet vocals, this refreshing take stays true to its original composition. The remix is elevated by a new arrangement – a lo-fi beat, the jazz-hop push and pull, the syncopated electric piano, – becoming more than just the sum of its parts. 

Says Jean Tan on working together with 양중은 Yang Jung Eun,

“It was a surreal experience working with June on this track while we’re in different territories, and while the world was on lockdown for much of 2020. I think the collaboration took off really well because we were just trying to make music and the best out of a crazy year. He’s also an awesome guy and so easy to work with – he even taught me some Korean!”

Jean will also be releasing an accompanying music video of the newly remixed version on 14 February 2021, made available on her Youtube channel. Directed by Stockholm-based Singaporean film director, Mandy Tay, the video features a pair of lovers dancing through the quotidian scenes of Stockholm city. Traditional meets contemporary, and ballet meets street dance, as the couple whirl around each other in a dream state, swirling like a glass of (oak cherry) wine.

Listen to the remix below.

Photo credit: Ronald Lim, Seung-eun Gong





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