Julian Jordan shares the story behind his newest release!

Dutch DJ who’s worked with Sander Van Doorn and Martin Garrix is here to share his newest single!

ASL365: Any special meaning to your new song “Love You Better”? or is this a message to the girl in your heart?

JJ: There isn’t really a personal message behind it. I received the lyrics from an amazing songwriter I know called Chris Loco, we were looking for the right voice for this track and my girlfriend happens to be an amazing singer from the Netherlands. She tried to put her voice on the track and it fit perfectly!

ASL365: How did your collaboration with Kimberly Fransens came about, did you reach out to her? or how did you discover her? 

JJ: Kimberly is actually my girlfriend! We were at home when I played the track for her and that’s when she told me ‘Why don’t I try it?’ Her voice fit perfectly on the track and I think it’s amazing to produce a track with your own love.

ASL365: How long have you been planning on this new song and how long did it take to complete?

JJ: It’s been in the making since last summer! The production was done in a few days but finding the right vocals took a few months!

ASL365: If you are asked to direct the music video of “Love You Better”, what would the storyboard be like?

JJ: We already made a music video which I helped direct with my team and with Kimberly. Our aim was to make a lyric video with cool animations and visuals of two people who are in love!  
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ASL365: You are well known for collaborating with interesting artists. Who surprised you the most?

JJ: I’m currently working on a track with Guy Arthur and he is one of the craziest and most talented producers I’ve met so far. He works so fast and the quality of his productions is mind blowing!

ASL365: Are you looking to sign any new talents into your label? How can young producer send you their demo

JJ: I’m always looking for talent to work with or to support! They can send music to julianjordanpromo@gmail.com

ASL365: Who are the 3 producers that we should look out in 2020?

JJ: Guy Arthur, Josh Charm, Whatsgud

ASL365: Do you ever receive criticism and if so how would you normally deal with it?

JJ: Not really, I’m open for all types of feedback but I always keep in mind that being happy with what I do is all that matters. I think when you care too much about what other people think, you risk losing yourself and who you truly are.
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ASL365: How did you figure out your identity and your place in the music industry?

JJ: Finding your identity is not a thing you should focus on too much. I think it comes naturally and it’s part of who you are as a person in your everyday life! I think the things that inspire you have an impact on what you want to show or produce.

ASL365: How important do you think it is to have a ‘balanced’ line up of both male and female?

JJ: I think it’s really important to enjoy music as an art, regardless of the artist’s gender. I see a lot of dope female artists coming up and already killing it at festivals. What matters most to me is the music and vision of an artist so whether that person is a male or a female shouldn’t matter.

ASL365: Besides Martin Garrix , who would be your dream person to do a B2B set with? 

JJ: Daft punk! I guess that would be a B2B2B though.

ASL365: Which type of coffee do you drink?

JJ: All types of coffee. I usually start with a latte, then a cappuccino and end the day with an espresso.

ASL365: Best love tips:  How can you love someone better?

JJ: Haha! Accept someone for who they are and don’t demand or expect too much of someone. Treat someone like you would want to be treated!





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