Indonesian-Singaporean singer-songwriter lullaboy has released his new song ‘only in my dreams’ – the ninth track off his anticipated 12-track debut album slated for release by the end of this year.

With a whopping over 680,000 monthly-listeners and over 8.8 million streams to date on Spotify, lullaboy is back with a soft piano ballad that pays homage to his mother from the perspective of singing all the things he would like to say to her in the fictionalised event that it would be too late. 

Struck by inspiration from an argument with his mother before a scheduled songwriting session with a friend, lullaboy croons about the uncomfortable feeling of guilt and melancholy over a trivial matter that sparked the disagreement. As the COVID-19 pandemic worsened through the year, these feelings became more and more real and lullaboy feels like now is the right time to release this song. 

Produced with Berklee College of Music alumni Justin Adijanto and mixed by fellow alumni Ano Stevano (mixes for top Indonesian acts Afgan, Raisa, Isyana, Ramengvrl), ‘only in my dreams’ is an honest heart wrenching piece that gradually climaxes with a backing orchestra. The song is layered with soothing harmonies and raw intimate vocals, taking the listener to the center of a concert hall as lullaboy exposes his deepest thoughts and fears in this sentimental tear-jerker.

Under the artist moniker lullaboy, Bernard Dinata is an Indonesian-Singaporean singer-songwriter and producer raised in Singapore. Graduating from the prestigious Berklee College of Music and as a former intern at YG Entertainment, lullaboy started out in 2016 releasing music independently through social media. He has since developed a loyal community of fans and is a featured artist on Spotify’s Radar SG & MY playlist, representing both Singapore and Indonesia. 

He was previously featured near the top of Asia Pacific’s most coveted Spotify playlist, “It’s a Hit”, being the first artist representing Singapore to ever do so and is currently placed in 30 Spotify editorial playlists. 

lullaboy grew up learning about raw self-expression, and how to be vulnerable through gospel and emo music. Feeling like a kid stepping into the world just looking for the answers to love and life, he marries his music influences of emotional Pop and R&B, making music for sunny days and lonely nights. With each new track, listeners experience something new and yet of a familiar emotion.

‘only in my dreams’ is the 9th track off lullaboy’s 12-track debut album slated for release by the end of this year.