Martin Garrix 2016 plans

Martin Garrix reveals plans for second half of 2016

Martin Garrix talks his new single “Lions in the Wild”, upcoming album, and collaborating with Pharrell Williams in a new interview with Obsev.

The world’s top DJ said he’s almost done with his upcoming single “Lions in the Wild” which he gets goosebumps whenever he plays the number live.

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Martin Garrix explained in the interview: “We just wanted to create something that would make you feel like you’re on top of the world… like, powerful.”

With over 45 songs in progress, the 20-year-old EDM superstar said he and his team would sit down to choose their favourites in a couple of weeks, before releasing the album soon after.

Fans can definitely expect “a lot of different types of sounds.”

Martin Garrix performing at Road To Ultra Thailand 2016 ©Siam2Nite
Martin Garrix performing at Road To Ultra Thailand 2016 ©Siam2Nite

When asked about his dream collaborator, Garrix quickly expressed his fondness for American singer and rapper Pharell Williams.

“Pharrell, I’d love to work with Pharrell,” replied Garrix before the interviewer even had a chance to finish the sentence.

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Unfortunately, despite having spoken about a collab before, the two have yet to begun working together.

“Maybe one day,” said Garrix.

Watch the entire interview yourself here.

Known as the world’s youngest EDM mastermind, Martin Garrix is about to release his single “In the Name of Love” in three weeks which will be accompanied by a music video. Stay tuned for more updates on the highly-anticipated banger.





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