But why though: Mariah Carey made DJ debut in Las Vegas

Remember when Kylie Jenner was allegedly making her DJ debut back in May? But fortunately for us it all turned out to be a hoax? Well, this time we’re not so in luck when Vegas nightclub 1Oak genuinely recruited Mariah Carey to “perform” behind the deck last weekend.

The five-time Grammy Award winner was seen DJ-ing for a series of bachelorette parties. And yes, the performance was as cringeworthy as it sounds.

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Check out this tweet on “DJRiah”.

What actually went down, however, is that the 46-year-old pop star spent the 30-minute-or-so of the set behind DJ Suss One drinking cocktails, avoiding the actual CDJs and mixers.

Mariah Carey DJ debut June

Come on guys, you didn’t expect her get down to it for real, right?


With a net worth of 250 million US dollars, the “We Belong Together” singer is named the best-selling female artist in Billboard‘s.

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Mariah Carey is currently in Las Vegas for her residency at Caesars Palace. The residency is referred to as one of “the most incredible shows” happening in Vegas at the moment.





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