Metalcore four-piece Afterlife have released their heaviest song yet, ‘Envy’, via Hopeless Records. The single is from their upcoming sophomore album Part Of Me, and is accompanied by a brand new music video.

The band, comprising vocalist Tyler Levenson, guitarist Andrew McGuire, drummer Luke Walkinshaw and bassist Tristan Edwards, previously released ‘Part Of Me’, ‘Burn It Down’ and ‘Wasting Time’ – all of which will join their forthcoming 10-track album, due out August 13.

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Frontman Tyler Levenson shares, 

“Our goal with “Envy” from the start was to create a song that would keep you on the edge of your seat, a heavy track but heavy in a way that the band has never done before, heavy in a way that was exciting and fresh which I firmly believe we did. This song is very much a cautionary tale or warning about how the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side” and how being envious of someone or something is often a dangerous feeling. Wanting something that someone else has or seeing another person’s life and wishing it was you or that your life would be better if things were different which ultimately leaves you feeling unsatisfied once you obtain what you thought you wanted.”

“When coming up with a name for the album we really wanted people to feel as though they had a true part of us in each song,” Levenson continues. “Each track is so personal to me, and I hope that listeners can hear how open I was in my songwriting and are able to reflect on their own lives and find parts of themselves in this music too.”

‘Burn It Down’ has been well received in the region, securing placements across 14 different territories in Asia including Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, and India. This song follows the band’s late 2020 single release ‘Wasting Time’, an anthemic track that was written to inspire people. 

Afterlife released their debut album Breaking Point via Hopeless Records in early 2019, which immediately gained immense praise from fans while garnering adds to Spotify’s Rock Hard, New Core and New Blood playlists, The Forge UK playlists and Pandora’s New Rock station. Additional support from BBC Radio 1, Kerrang!, idobi Howl and Alternative Press as well as multiple Number 1 spots on Sirius XM Octane have helped propel Afterlife into the headphones of listeners around the world. Across Asia, “Wasting Time” garnered streaming placements across 14 different countries and secured media features at outlets like Finite Zine (PH), Boleh Music (ID), and Asia Live 365 (SG, TH).

Blending singing, screaming and rapping over a heavy, yet satisfyingly melodic landscape for a unique sound coupled with socially conscious lyrics, Afterlife are poised to influence this generation of heavy music.

Cover photo: Ana Massard