MILLI’s new single, ‘Mango Sticky Rice’, out now

After performing at this year’s Coachella and starting a global trend, Thai rap sensation MILLI’s single ‘Mango Sticky Rice’ is out now.

MILLI’s delicious single is the result of her Coachella 2022 performance during label 88rising’s ‘Head in the Clouds Forever’ set on the main stage.

The single saw the teen rap sensation eating a spoonful of the iconic Thai dessert in between verses and dancers. Her performance marks the first Thai solo artist to ever perform at the festival.

The performance set off a global chain reaction for the Thai dessert, raising sales of the dish across multiple countries. Following this newfound success, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha lobbied UNESCO to make mango sticky rice a national dish for Thailand.

Listen to ‘Mango Sticky Rice’ via Spotify below.





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