It’s an absolute dream of countless many to play with and, heck, just be in the presence of Paul McCartney…

This past Tuesday night one fan’s dream came true as Leila Lacase, a 10-year-old girl from Buenos Aires, upon rejecting Sir Paul’s autograph on her doll, asked if she could play bass with him. There. At his gig. In front of thousands.

“This could be interesting. I didn’t see this coming. You want to play bass with our band, like bass like this? Okay,” the former Beatle said on stage during a concert at Buenos Aires’ La Plata Stadium.

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Leila and Sir Paul went to jam together in The Beatles’ 1969 hit “Get Back”, with the blossoming bassist taking vocal leads.

Before and after the song, the crowd was heard cheering and chanting “olé, olé, olé”. Safe to say Leila’s a memory to last a lifetime.

Witness the fab moment below.