An interview with Jake Burns of punk rock legends – Stiff Little Fingers.

Ahead of the Irish band’s inaugural gig in Singapore at the Esplanade, we ask Frontman Jake Burns about what we can expect from their set on Thursday!

Formed in the late 70s at the height of The Troubles, the Irish punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland released their first album ‘Inflammable Material’ in 1979.
The album reached number 14 in the UK Album Charts, selling over 100,000 copies and became the first independent album to chart in the UK.
With ten albums already released, we spoke to Frontman Jake Burns, who has been with the band since their beginnings, to ask him more about their music, and what punk rock music fans could look forward to on Thursday.

ASL365: Hi Stiff Little Fingers, Vanessa here from AsiaLive365. Welcome to Singapore! How thrilled are you guys to be performing in Singapore for the first time and what sort of gig atmosphere can we look forward to at your gig at the Esplanade this Thursday?

Jake Burns: Very excited to be here. It’s always great to play in new places and Singapore seems like an incredible city.

ASL365: Of all the albums released since 1979, what would you reckon is your favourite Stiff Little Fingers album or song and why?

Jake Burns: Most artists will tell you that their favorite things to play are the most recent ones and we are no exception. But, this tour is a celebration of the first record so it’s fun to revisit those songs.

ASL365: What was your most memorable Stiff Little Fingers concert (or festival set) that you’ve performed in?

Jake Burns: Every St. Patrick’s Day for the last 28 years we have played at Barrowland in Glasgow. That is my favourite show to play. But, three years ago we played a show in Custom House Square in Belfast that was simply phenomenal.
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ASL365: Fellow Irish musician Ricky Warwick (from Black Star Riders, Thin Lizzy, and The Almighty) once said that watching a Stiff Little Fingers gig was a defining moment in his life. He saw you guys when he was just 14, immediately wanted to be like you and got a guitar the very next day. What would you say has been a defining moment in your music history? For instance, what started it all?

Jake Burns: Much like Ricky; but many years earlier, I saw another Irish musician, Rory Gallagher, play. And from that point forward, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

ASL365: As pioneers in this industry, what sort of advice would you give to up and coming punk rockers?

Jake Burns: Find your own voice as soon as you can. You can only achieve so much by copying others. Write about what you know. Always believe in yourself. And, have fun!

ASL365: Thank you guys and we look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Stiff Little Fingers will play at the Esplanade Annexe Studio on 13 February at 8pm.
Tickets to their first ever show in Singapore are available via SISTIC!





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