Plastik Funk discusses sound, festivals, his trip to Asia and much more.

Plastik Funk gave us an insight into what’s been happening in 2019, sound representation, their experience in Asia and more!

EDM musical duo formed in 2002, Plastik Funk are here with us today to share what they have been up to in 2019, diversity of the sound they produce, their experience of being Asia, future collaborations and much more. Read below for more details.

ASL365: How are you doing and what have you been up to lately?

PF: It’s been a crazy 2019 and I can say the best year of my career so far. I played around 190 shows around the globe, release collaborations with Timmy Trumpet, Nervo, Alle Farben on Spinnin’ Records, so everything is going pretty good right now!

ASL365: Everyone wants to become a DJ these days, everyone wants to be the cool kids on the deck – so what inspired you to be a DJ and how did the name Plastik Funk come about?

PF: Yes everyone wants to be a pop star and thinks the easiest and fastest way is to become a DJ…… sorry to let everyone know, it’s not that easy 😉 The name Plastik Funk was created out of the name of one of our first parties we did in my hometown which was called Royal Funk night (and was also a Label), and Plastik just looked good together with it!

ASL365: In 3 Words, tell us what your sound represents.

PF: We get this question a lot as people think my sound is a bit different to what they hear normally even we play a lot of edits which are played by other DJs also. First of all, I don’t like to stay in one genre. I like to switch into other genres during my sets but when you take my sound under one name, we (me and my team) call my sound: Bliss House. Uplifting House Music for Festivals, but also for Clubs. Music which makes girls happy & sing along and makes the boys jump up!
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ASL365: Have you ever thought about trying out some other genres, or different aliases?

PF: Actually I’m doing some Tech House Stuff under a different name when I have time and I’m producing some radio/pop tracks under Plastik Funk, sometimes, when I get a strong vocal. Like I said, I’m trying to break out of genres when it takes me.

ASL365: Has your music changed over time? If so in what way?

PF: I think the sound of an artist always has to change a bit, to evolve and reach to another level. I always try to keep my music identity but also push forward, I think it always changes but still sounds like “Plastik Funk”.

ASL365: You play many parties around the world, and they all require a different vibe, so do you prefer to play at clubs or music festivals, and why?

PF: I love to play both! Festivals with 10 – 20 or 100 thousand people are amazing and it’s always crazy energy – but I also like and need that club feeling, being close to fans to feel the vibe and to see how some of my new productions work on the dance floor.

ASL365: What is the longest set you ever played?

PF: Longest set I ever played was 9 hours. It was also one of the best times ever because the crowd was just insane and it felt like taking the people on a musical journey.

ASL365: Do you (or have you) ever received criticism and if so, how do you normally deal with it as someone in the public eye?

PF: I think that’s part of the job as music taste is always different and I accept different tastes. Also I like people who are critical on the other hand, so I can also get better. My manager kicks my ass twice a year because he knows I just get better in what I’m doing, haha! I just don’t like haters, as that’s not criticising it’s mostly being jealous… On the other side, I love haters, because you know you are getting successful if some haters show up 🙂 I’m glad I can say I don’t have to deal with critics and haters a lot.
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ASL365: How do you keep yourself excited about coming back to play Asia once again?

PF: I don’t have to keep myself excited, I’m always happy to be back in Asia. I love the people, food and parties – I’m having a blast every time I play tours in Asia.

ASL365: What is your favourite thing about visiting Asia?

PF: I love the crowds and my fans in Asia. The energy is just amazing! I also like food and always try to see as much as I can from every country I’m visiting.

ASL365: Are there any Asian DJ or Producers that have impressed you lately? Any collaborations that you have done, or would like to do, with Asian DJs/ Producers?

PF: There are a lot of great Talents in Asia. I’m meeting a lot of DJs in China at my Residency at One Third Club in Beijing and there are so many amazing DJs & Producers like Giftback, DJ Ada and Reverse Prime just to mention a few (and to all my other friends I didn’t mention, please don’t be angry, love you all 🙂 ) It looks like there will be some collaborations with artists from Asia soon. My plan is to produce a track with Chinese, Korean or Japanese vocals, I really enjoy learning and collaborating with other cultures.

ASL365: What will you be doing for the rest of 2020?

PF: We just signed six tracks to labels including Spinnin’, Mixmash and Smash The House. So there is a lot of music coming, more than I have ever released in one year! On the touring side, we have already confirmed 25 big festivals for the summer, residencies in Ibiza, Croatia, all over Asia and Germany – you can follow me on all my social media to keep up to date. We had a great 2019 and it looks like 2020 will be even bigger!!!





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