Road to Ultra Thailand checklist: 7 Things to Do Before the Big Party

Think you’re ready to rave? Think again.

Road to Ultra Thailand returns in its third year tomorrow (June 11) at Bangkok’s BITEC Bangna. If you’re one of the lucky folks who’d secured the tickets before they sold out just a few days ago, a big congratulations, but you might want to get properly ready to make the most of the experience (and, let’s face it, this could very well be the last time you’d ever see Avicii perform). So here are 7 things real Ultranauts need to get nailed down before the first beat drops.

1. Know who’s performing and what time.

Skinny Mark & Zuper L: 4.00-5.00PM


Ninegod: 5.10-6.10PM


Ansolo: 6.20-7.20PM


Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano: 7.30-8.30PM


JAUZ: 8.40-10.10PM


Martin Garrix: 10.20-11.50PM


Avicii: 12.00-1.30AM


2. Warm up with these banging playlists.

Road to Ultra Thailand 2016 gif 1

Ultra’s official playlist
Martin Garrix
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
Skinny Mark & Zuper L

3. Learn the ground rules.

  • Print your e-ticket.
  • Bring your ID or passport to verify your ticket and age (20+).
  • Be sober.
  • Don’t bring the following: drugs, laser, weapons, balloons, professional cameras, flammable items, pets, food and beverages.
  • Once you get past the Main Entrance, there’s no re-entry. Check out Road to Ultra Thailand’s site map below.
©Road To Ultra Thailand

4. Be on the safe side with public transportation.


It’s a love-hate relationship that we have with Bangkok’s urban rail transit. If you intend for the meter to point towards love, be sure to take note of the following:

  • If you’re one of those people who have to take the ARL in order to get to the BTS, you’d know that the ARL can be quite dreadful – overpopulated carriages, power outage, you name it. Just make sure you set aside some extra time for your journey.


  • If you own a Rabbit card and normally top up with 30-day trips, you’d want to top up stored value in your card, too (at least 30 baht) since the trips don’t apply to the newer stations, including Bangna where you’ll get off for BITEC.

Bringing your own flashy wheels? The venue provides a huge parking space, but remember Saturday’s traffic can get as crazy as weekdays.


5. Stay hydrated.

©Perez Hilton
Yes, be like Bill ©Perez Hilton

Sure, we won’t be exposed to the warm weather like most Ultra events (can you imagine Road To Ultra Thailand being held in an outdoor stadium?) but staying hydrated isn’t about where the fun takes place. Take your H2O throughout the day before hitting the venue. And while the rules say you can’t bring beverages inside the hall, there would certainly be bottled water sold at the bar though it might be a little overpriced.

6. Wear cool but comfy outfit.


Look as fab, dope and colourful as your wardrobe will allow, but high heels, fairy wings and being squeezed against the guardrail are never a great match. Remember: the more comfortable you feel, the better time you’ll have at the end of the day.


7. Bring your ready mind and body.


Just be your most beautiful Ultranaut self, really.


See you there!





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