Selena Gomez really wasn’t holding back when appeared on Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

“People say what they wanna say,” cried the “Hands To Myself” singer while as she heated up the studio with a sultry dance. Well, they do. And in this case they basically say it’s one of the sexiest performance on the NBC comedy show to date.

Selena wore an elegant black gown for her first medley performance of “Good For You” and “Same Old Love”, surrounded by a group of men are sitting on chairs and snapping their fingers.

Selena gomez's SNL Performances


Most SNL musical guests normally perform their songs propless but for music’s sexy it girl like Selena, the staged was turned into a dramatic bedroom during “Hand To Myself”. She started out singing on top a satin bed while a male dancer touched and danced around her. Then a female dancer came on and, together with the first dancer, pretty much got it on with Selena. Boy, can someone turn on the air-con?

Watch the performance of Selena’s “Hand to Myself” below.

The singer also took to Twitter to express her feelings after the performance.