Stephanie Poetri releases ‘AM:PM’ EP, drops MV for ‘Paranoia’

Stephanie Poetri has released her highly-anticipated debut EP, AM:PM. In addition, the Indonesian-American singer has shared her music video for ‘Paranoia’.

Rising pop artist Stephanie Poetri has released her debut EP, AM:PM, via 88rising.

A collection of “light hearted daydreams, afternoon ruinations, and solemn midnight queries”, the self-produced six-track EP is split into two parts – the first half is light-hearted and fun which make up the AM side, and the second half are darker and full of angst which make up the PM side.

AM:PM features the hit singles ‘IRL, ‘Selfish’, and ‘How We Used To’ as well as new tracks ‘Paranoia’, ‘Daydreaming’ and ‘3PM’.

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Speaking on the EP, Stephanie says,

AM:PM follows a sort of journey from the morning to night and that’s how I arranged it in the tracklist! The AM side is a little more light hearted, upbeat, and fun. On the other hand, the PM side is a little darker, a little angstier, and a lot more dramatic. I always wanted to
make music to be the soundtrack to people’s lives and I hope people can find anything they’re looking for for whatever part of the day they’re in with this EP.”

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The artist has also shared the official music video to ‘Paranoia’, produced by collaborators Wes Singerman (Kendrick Lamar, Olivia O’Brian), Taylor Dexter (Olivia O’Brian), and Heavy Mellow (Halsey, Jhene Aiko, Kid Cudi).

The MV follows Stephanie as she enables her darkest emotions and fears to surface.

She comments,

“This single is about those moments when everything is going so well, almost too well, that you’re just waiting for the moment it doesn’t. And that just ends up being the issue, you’re just too in your own head.”

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Best known for her massive viral hit ‘I Love You 3000’, Stephanie Poetri has earned praise from critics and fans for her accessible pop songs and fun personality. IngPOP! has described her as a “rising global pop star”, and AllMusic lauded her “sweetly melodic style.”

The feel-good singer has steadily garnered a strong and growing fanbase with over 1.3 million Instagram followers and over one million subscribers on YouTube, along with 2.5 million monthly Spotify listeners.

Listen to Stephanie Poetri’s AM:PM on Spotify below.





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