Sunnery James and Ryan shares some insight on Tomorrowland’s “Sexy by Nature” stage

In 2018, Sunnery James and Ryan made their way to Tomorrowland “Sexy By Nature” stage, Creamfields festival and big cities like LA, New York and Ibiza.

The duo finally emerged in the late 2000s as top EDM DJs producing singles like “Snitch”, “Lethal Industry” and Markuzza”. All of which were supported by big artists likes of Sander van Doorn, Pete Tong, Steve Angello and David Guetta. Recently Sunnery James and Ryan launched a new single “Coffee Shop” in collaboration with Kes Kross a hit over 7 million views on YouTube! Making this track one of the most viewed in their history of producing.
Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano feat. Kes Kross – “Coffee Shop”

ASIALIVE365 is happy to present some insights on the duo’s thoughts on future collaborations and their dream place to perform in Asia!

ASIALIVE365: Performing at the main Stage of the Ultra Music Festival earlier this year. Which festival’s main stage are you looking to perform next?

SJRM: It’s hard to choose but of because Tomorrowland is going to be one of the biggest show for us as we will be playing two weekends at. Tomorrowland. Week 1 we will be playing at the Main Stage. Week 2 we will be at Sexy by Nature Stage at Tomorrowland.

ASIALIVE365: Since you mention that you will be hosting the Sexy By Nature stage in Tomorrowland. Would there be any chance we see a Sexy By Nature concept touring round the world.

SJRM: I think that would be amazing. Currently we will be playing it at Creamfield UK, New York, LA, Ibiza. The idea is travel a little bit more but not plans for Asia yet. If we do come to Asia we will need a beach for Sexy By Nature. It would be “a dream come true” if we have a beach party at Palawan, Philippines.

ASIALIVE365: What is the main difference between the American audiences to the European Audiences and to the Asia Audiences and how does that affect your set list?

SJRM: I think the people in Asia, if you bring in a lot of energy in your set, you will get plenty of love back. And they want to have fun and it is so much crazier. Europe and America is more about who is playing, what is he playing and what song is he playing.

ASIALIVE365: Over the last 2 years, DJ is getting more diversified with their performance. For example we have Sander Van Doorn as Purple Haze, Martin Garrix as Area 21, Ferry Corsten presents Goureyella. 

Is this something, you guys will be interested to be working on? 

SJRM: We stick to house Music and there is a lot of variation in house music where we can mix everything up into one set or one sing. But we could be interested to work on something really dark reggae style.

ASIALIVE365: We saw that you played a B2B set with Hardwell, Laidback dude and Afrojack at the Miami Music week.  If you are given a chance to form your dream team for a Sexy By Nature B2B Set, which 3 other DJs will you invites to the set?

SJRM: That’s is hard, really hard. I think Steve Angello, Martin Garrix and Hardwell would be a good combination and lots of energy on stage.

ASIALIVE365: English is probably now the most common language used for the vocal part of a new song. Given that there are so many different languages in Asia, given a choice which language would you love to work on with?

SJRM: I think Japanese as I know Japanese and maybe Mandarin would be a good one. And we know that there are a lot of good mandarin singer around.

ASIALIVE365: Any advice to the young producer and DJ out there as they see the Rewards more than the Punishments being a DJ & Music Producer. Tell us how do you view it?

First of all, you need to know what kind of person you are. Whether you are someone who loves to perform on stage or someone who love to just produce music. What you see on social media where a DJ parties, nice hotel, swimming pool, it’s all a facade. It’s really hard work to be a DJ nowadays where you are constantly traveling, without your family all the time and you need to know how to handle it. You need to be an out-going person, you love to be on stage and stay positive every seconds. So if you really want to be a DJ, you need to ask yourself if you can be in control, not too much alcohol, stay healthy, workout and no time to see your family. You need to love it

ASIALIVE365: Is it important to be a DJ and a producer nowadays in order to be noticed?

It’s different thing, you need to ask am I a performer or a producer or am I a producer and a performer. We are both, we make tracks and we love to be on the stage. And that is how you make it. A lot of guys love to stay in the studio and hangout a bit. So stay close to yourself that is the only way you can enjoy music






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