Take a ‘Leap Of Faith’ with Christopher’s new hit

The Danish pop singer-songwriter released his smashing hit today, and it’s a banger!

The lit track that is about all the choices we need to make in life and what we end up doing with them, marks the second of the 28-year old’s two single releases this year!

His earlier single ‘Ghost’ was released in January. The music video to the song was shot entirely in Singapore, and included scenes of Gardens By Bay, The Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands, and more!

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The song peaked at #1 in the Danish Airplay Chart and was Top #10 for 14 consecutive weeks.

Says Christopher of his new release ‘Leap Of Faith’,

‘Leap Of Faith’ is a song that I needed to write. It is the song, where I mainly try to encourage myself to keep on taking chances and keep on creating changes in my life. It is the ultimate progressive song and a song about all the choices you need to make in your life, and the big responsibility that sneaks in on you, the older you get. 

‘Leap Of Faith’ is the song that I hope people will put on and be excited about, especially in those moments where life hits you. For example in the moment, when you realize that you’re not immortal and people around you aren’t either. And the moment where you realize that the consequences to the choices you make will affect you widely.

To me the whole theme of the song comes from me sometimes feeling as this small person in a crazy big world. It is the feeling of being a bit lost in a world, where so much is going on around you, and you think to yourself, how can I as one person make a change.

Therefore the song is also about the leap of faith you take when you grow up, where you need to navigate in all different kinds of big decisions and choices. A life that is one big paradox. 

In one hand you get a big amount of freedom but in the other hand, all that freedom is taken away from you, because of all the responsibility that you need to handle.

Compared to that, it also seemed as the only right thing to do, to make a video where I run towards a goal, I’m not really sure what is and that I keep taking chances. – Because isn’t that what we basically do all day in life? We throw ourselves out in different situations and choices and then we hope that we land at the right place with both our feet on the ground.”

The multi-platinum selling artist has more than 1.5 billion million streams to his name.

While being one of the biggest male pop stars in his home country of Denmark, Christopher has been ramping up his career abroad throughout the last 3 years, especially in Asia and Germany where his fanbase has grown rapidly.

In 2015, he was awarded “Most Promising International Artist” by Chart Awards 2015 – The Chinese Music Awards. From 2015 to 2018, Christopher has had eleven No.1 singles on the Chinese QQ Music Chart.

Christopher performed at one of the biggest music festivals in Korea, Seoul Jazz Festival 2017, and co-headlined the Sound City Festival 2018. His two recent shows in Seoul sold out 6,000 tickets in less than two minutes. He has had several Top 10 chart-placements in Korea and Singapore.

In 2018, he was awarded “Most Promising International Artist” at SCTV Awards in Indonesia. 

In February, he went on his first ever European tour, visiting cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Vienna to name a few.

Come August, he will travel to Asia for his biggest tour in the region to date, this time covering his first big headline show in Singapore, in addition to China and Korea.





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