David Castellani delivers out-of-this-world ‘Solaris EP’

LA-based modular techno producer David Castellani drops his hypnotic Solaris EP via his label Noetic, featuring two original tracks and remix from French virtuoso Voiski.

Following his mesmerizing Alpha Gamma EP released in July, gaining support from the likes of Truncate and Tobi Neumann, David Castellani returns with a brand-new three track offering titled Solaris EP.

Driven by analog hardware and rooted in the sound of peak-time rollers, the EP opens up with the titular ‘Solaris’, an intensive builder featuring a progressive acid hook and reserved kick drum that enthralls listeners with its hypnotizing beat.

The second track, ‘Induction Coil’, livens up the vibe with its breakneck speed as acid-twinged elements dominate the song to create a hectic atmosphere.

The EP also features a remix for ‘Solaris’ by French producer Voiski. The DJ takes the original into a much heavier territory with a flurry of cymbals and hi-hats paired along a trippy celestial synth.

Solaris EP is exclusively available on Beatport & Spotify, followed by all other digital outlets on Sept. 17.





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