Bangkokian! You’d better forget your Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany. Tiffany Young is coming to steal your hearts with her first solo Asia Fan Meeting Tour this September.

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Confirmed by music promoter Feoh Performing Art, Tiffany Young is on her way to meet and greet with Thai fans. The first ever Asia Fan Meeting Tour is slated to be happening on Friday, September 21 at MCC Hall.

On the night, the “Over My Skin” singer will be introducing fans her new solo project as Tiffany Young through her music pieces surrounded by casual and friendly vibes.

Tiffany Young is bringing her 'Asia Fan Meeting Tour' to Bangkok

Tickets will be available on Sunday, August 19 at 11am onwards through FEOH. Prices TBA.

Tiffany Young aka Tiffany Hwang is a Korean American artist. She has become famous through her music career in South Korea. Originally signed by SM Entertainment, Tiffany debuted in K-pop girl group Girls’ Generation in 2007 as Tiffany Hwang. In 2017, She left the record label to embark on a new journey with her promising America debut solo project as Tiffany Young.

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After dropping two singles “Remember Me” and “Over My Skin”, Tiffany Young is now planning on her tour to promote her debut single album Over My Skin.

Here’s the taste of Tiffany Young’s latest track “Over My Skin”: