Vanic and LØLØ explores ‘PTLD’ with new emotive banger

Vancouver-based producer Vanic explores ‘post-traumatic love disorder’ with his third lead single from his upcoming full-length record, featuring vocals from LØLØ.

Vanic is back with a new melodic tune, ‘PTLD’, the third single off of the producer’s upcoming album. Joining him on the track for vocal duties is fellow Canadian vocalist LØLØ, who drives home on the track’s themes of heartbreak.

Featuring glitchy sounds, heart-fluttering bass drops, and melodious singing from LØLØ, ‘PTLD’ is a a future bass gem that heals the broken hearted.

The future bass tune, out now via Seeking Blue Records, follows previously released singles, ‘Run’ and ‘Earn It’.

Vanic and LØLØ comments,

“PTSD is a common side effect that can happen when people experience trauma. We wrote ‘PTLD’ about experiencing the same sort of effects after being put through the trauma of a broken heart. Heartbreak really sucks, and after going through it, you might not want to let anyone else in for a while after. You get triggered at little things that remind you of an ex, you’re scared to meet new people, you convince yourself you’re not looking for anything serious — because the last time hurt too bad. That’s what we’d call, ‘PTLD’— post traumatic love disorder.”

Vanic first made waves in 2016 with his debut single, ‘Samurai’. Notable releases include 2017’s ‘Too Soon’, which hit the U.S. Dance chart Top 40 list, as well as his 2019 collaborations ‘Save Yourself’ with Gloria Kim and ‘Forever Down’ with Saint Sinner and Wifisfuneral.


Up-and-coming alt-pop singer LØLØ gained fame via her TikTok page. Her feature on ‘PTLD’ follows up her latest single from this April, ‘Death Wish’.





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