The Killers debut new material as they performed at the Caesars Windsor Colosseum in Ontario, Canada on June 2.

It’s been roughly three years since Direct Hits, and on Thursday night the Las Vegas band teased their much-anticipated upcoming album, speculated to be out at the end of this year, with some mellow notes from frontman Brandon Flowers himself.

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A fan footage sees Flowers taking a seat behind a piano and play the new song, an apologetic and melancholy ballad that takes no time to boast The Killers’ melodic stamp.

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©Getty Images

Since the song remains “untitled”, we think “One More Song” might be good (albeit too easy) a title. Just look at the lyrics:

Have all your dreams been followed?
Have all your hopes been met?
Have all these years been worth it?
Am I the great regret?

Has every ship gone sailing,
as every heart gone blue?
Have all the songs been written?

Oh, I just need one to get through to you,
I just need one more to get through to you,
I can’t take back what I’ve done wrong,
I just need one more, one more song.

Not that we mind predictable titles at this point. We just want the single now, please and thank you.

Take a listen below and tell us if you don’t feel the same.