Wicked Lights’ debut album, ‘Brave Face’, out now

Taking his experiences from living in the British countryside, Two Charuson’s musical alias Wicked Lights offers 12 tracks of modern alt rock with deeply moving themes.

Wicked Lights’ debut album, Brave Face, is out now via Unisonic Sounds/Universal Music Thailand.

Produced by renowned producer and longtime collaborator Montonn Jira, the Thai musician’s 12-track record showcases songs themed around “disillusionment, joy, love, sadness, courage and playfulness.”

What transpires is a melancholic record filled with folksy guitars and the singer’s earthy, smoky voice.

In songs such as ‘Edin’ and ‘Lovewillalwaystearusapart’, he gives homage to his new wave influences such as The Smiths and Suzanne Vega. ‘The Hills’ offers an organ-dominated touch to song brooding with dark and mystical lyricism, whereas ‘Budapest’ gives listeners sense of nostalgia with its bittersweet vibes.

Honing his skills in Western songwriting, unusual for a Thai artist, Wicked Lights’ debut offers something fresh that is not commonly heard in Thai music.

More recently, he has shared the country-tinged music video for ‘Solid Ground’.

Born in Thailand but raised in the UK, Wicked Lights was exposed to culture shock early in his age – but to a new world of music. Starting out iwth singing hymns in Church, the singer began to discover the works of guitarists and bands such as Eric Clapton, Prince, Jeff Tweedy, Neil Young, Elliott Smith, Radiohead and Joy Division.

Using his sense of identity conflict due to his diverse background, he crafts soings that represent what it feels to come from two distinct cultures.

Listen to Wicked Lights’ Brave Face via Spotify below.





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