Wrabel releases a new single…and it’s ‘good’!

Wrabel releases ‘good’, his first solo track of 2021 (and first release since signing with Nettwerk), a powerful ode to moving on and living for now that begs the listener “let a good thing be good… don’t you let a good thing go bad.” 

It’s a song about letting go of the arresting nature of our memories, failures, ex-lovers and disappointments, so we can see clearly enough in the here and now to embrace the magic currently in front of us. 

Also out is the accompanying music video, directed by Carlos Asse.

It’s classic Wrabel – gorgeous falsetto soaring amongst choral hums, a soulful confessional vocal delivery accented with each piano key, lyrics that toe the line between universally relatable and deeply personal like an entry taken from his private diary. Like his past acclaimed multi-million streamed singles ’11 Blocks’ and ‘The Village’, ‘good’ is an earnest and honest exploration of the scary, unsure parts in all of us that binds us together as humans.

Wrabel says,

“I feel so lucky to have worked with Carlos Asse on this video. We wanted to build off of one of my favorite lyrics in the song – ‘i know you still see him in your apartment , let me in i’ll paint the walls.’ – following a couple as they move into a new space – like a fresh start. Whether it’s anger, resentment or hurt, sometimes it’s the smallest disagreement that can send those feelings from the deep – down to the surface. The smallest thing can turn a good thing bad. But leaning in and trusting can keep a good thing good.”

Wrabel’s “knife-to-the-heart” songwriting has led to him becoming “one of Hollywood’s finest songwriters for a decade” (American Songwriter), with collaborations/co-writing partnerships with Kesha (including their 2020 collab ‘since i was young’  that earned coverage on Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and Billboard, P!nk, Louis Tomlinson, Backstreet Boys, Louis the Child, Wafia, Cash Cash, and more.

He showcased his artistry on the national NBC TODAY stage last year performing ‘hurts like hell’, and his forthcoming debut LP (to drop later in 2021) will continue his journey as a celebrated artist in his own right, following the release of his stripped, heart-on-his-sleeve ‘piano’ collection this past year and 2019’s ‘one of those happy people’ EP which had Billboard saying that Wrabel is “ready for his breakthrough.” Wrabel has also been described by Buzzfeed as “criminally underrated”, and The Huffington Post wrote that he is “one of pop’s unsung talents”.

Currently, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan are in Wrabel’s Top 20 countries based on streaming.

Listen to more of Wrabel below.

Cover photo: Yazz Alali





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