We attended Mustache Bangkok’s all-white, three-year anniversary celebration over the weekend to recap the full experience on what went down.

Mustache Bangkok held their 3rd anniversary at the Hyatt Regency’s classy Spectrum rooftop bar and lounge, and despite the constant raining, nothing could have stopped partygoers from donning their ponchos over their white threads to get lost in the sounds of techno.

The three-year celebration was held in honor of the underground club’s popular Takeover events, where attendees can party at unique locations for countless hours to house and techno music played by some of the most talented and renowned DJs in the local scene.

So how did the wet n’ wild festivities kick off?

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The rain drizzled down on the white-clad crowd, but it did not dampen any of their spirits. During one of the heavier rain spells, it might have taken some people by surprise to see the resolute enthusiasm of the poncho-wearing crowd, gleefully thrusting umbrellas in time to the techno music. But this wasn’t any night. This night was a celebratory milestone for the Mustache loyal community in attendance, regardless of the weather. 

We had come to observe the crowning of the three-year celebration with Olivier Alexandre, the founder of Mustache and the mastermind behind the Takeover concept series. The finale had us all beaming with pleasure as they marked the occasion with a Mustache-branded two-tiered cake with dazzling streamers. 

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It had been quite a journey. The first takeover was successfully put on at Sing Sing Theater three years ago, and whether it has been a rooftop or a boat party, Mustache has successfully led us through each one. The concept has been fundamental to enhancing the underground music scene by making it more accessible and even (dare I say) mainstream. Through collaboration and expansion with specially-chosen locations, it thereby lifted the constraints of the original venue.

The lineup of DJs as we embarked upon their celebration, took us along their triumphant wave from Alex Fischer’s deep house set to initiate us, followed by fellow French DJ Fred Canal to ignite us, Lazykay (who co-founded the first takeover success at Sing Sing alongside Olivier) to transfix us and their special guest – longstanding DJ Eddy Frampton to deliver us to the final zenith.

A legend within Bangkok’s underground music scene, Frampton and his DJ set ended the night in spectacular fashion, a culmination of everything Mustache has done with their Takeover series.

The lighting was hypnotising, whether it was the reflected purples, pinks and greens that flashed off our white outfits or the psychedelic visuals that our senses assimilated from the mighty screen towering over us; the collaborative efforts of visual artist Roberto Gamero and California-based artist Trippy Everything.

Shame that the event had to end before the clock struck midnight as the crowd, still drenched, were hungry for more music. Their hopes weren’t fully dashed, however, as the after-party commenced soon after where it all began – back at Mustache bar.

The Hyatt Regency has been one of their most exclusive settings for many reasons. What comes to mind is the luxuriousness of this newly-built hotel. If you were to set foot in the Regency Deluxe Suite, then you would immediately be struck by the panoramic view of metropolitan Bangkok from the stunning floor-to-ceiling glass walls. That lofty feeling whilst soaking in a freestanding bathtub with such a vision, glass in hand was certainly arresting.

Taking up the Spectrum lounge space, there is a truly remarkable Sunday brunch held on the last Sunday of the month. The chef at the livestation prepares and charcoal-grills the meats that you choose. The prime meats include succulent cuts of Beef Tomahawk, Tasmanian King Salmon, Victoria Lamb Chops, Kurobuta Pork Chops and Roasted Duck. In particular, the striking seafood plate that consists of a blazing red poached lobster surrounded by fine de Claire oysters on a bed of chipped ice is quite a sight. Then to end, the most delicately crafted macaroons and pastries are a culinary art in themselves.

The Spectrum rooftop bar and lounge has long been a jewel on the crown of this hotel. With their expansive dance floor and private tables tucked away at the sides, it appears so open and yet intimate at the same time. This is the perfect venue for this great Mustache anniversary.

The current pandemic situation has limited our travel and entertainment options. In this case, the evolution of the local music scene, in partnership with the hospitality industry, has stepped forward to fill that void. Happily, this has created a full package experience where we can fully immerse ourselves in a world of sights, sounds and luxury. This leads us very nicely to Saturday the 17th of October, Paradise Lost presents Disco Diaries with staycation packages available at Siam@Siam Hotel.

All photos courtesy of Mustache and QC Communications