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Brighten your day with Lawson’s new cracker of a music video – ‘Animals’!

Following the success of their comeback single ‘Lovers’, English rock band Lawson have once again captivated the audience with their latest single ‘Animals’. It’s a cracker!

In fact, the last music video that made us laugh so much was Ed Sheeran’s ‘I Don’t Care’, which saw him dressed as a panda.

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Ever wanted to see frontman Andy Brown dressed as a llama? Or Ryan Fletcher singing backing vocals in a mandrill suit? Add a light-hearted synchronised dance routine (think all those lovably cheesy boy band moves from the bubblegum pop era of the 90s) and a sensational celebrity cameo from EastEnders legend Shaun Williamson, and you have one of 2020’s most engaging music videos.

We definitely lost it at those fancy dance moves. It also looked as though the lads must have lost at least a pound of sweat in those onesies.

Watch the video below.

To add to the cheeky fun, drummer (and director of the music video) Adam Pitts (who’s also the lobster 🦞 of the group) released this fun video on Instagram.

With all the bubbling in the hot tub, it almost looks as if the poor lobster is boiling. 😆 Lobster bisque anyone?

A modern take on ‘80s-flavoured power-pop, ‘Animals’ has certainly made an immediate impression as it hit radio and picked up support from Billboard and media outlets across Asia. Listening to the track feels as though you’re immediately taken on an adventure in time.

The new sound feels like a set of rolling 80s vibes that ripple through you as you feel its colours blow through your hair while riding in an open-hood car through the wide open road. It sparks and crackles in its electric retro vibes, reminding you of one of those wonderful 80s young romance movies by John Hughes. It sweeps you off your feet, brings you out for an adventure, before dropping you back home (safe and sound), full of the inundating youth and life of another time…

Although the song’s lyrics focus on the infatuation that comes with love, the ‘Animals’ video interprets its title literally. The result is a playful, tongue-in-cheek visual directed by the band’s very own Adam Pitts.

Said Andy Brown:

“Over the years we’ve had our fair share of ‘interesting’ ideas pitched to us for our music videos. However, normally we’d opt for the cool cars, Californian deserts and epic performance shots. With “Animals” we wanted to do the complete opposite. We’ve never taken ourselves too seriously, so it didn’t take me long to convince the rest of the guys that we should simply dress up as animals and learn a dance routine. After all, we’re probably only going to release a song called “Animals” once. We are all big fans of ‘Extras’ and ‘Life’s Too Short’ and that is where the idea to feature Shaun Williamson came from, once he agreed the rest all fell into place!”


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‘Lovers’, their other music video, released exactly two months ago, ushered in Lawson’s first new music in four years, as the band returned with a fresh new sound that retains their popness. The music video, recorded in Brighton where the lads used a friend’s warehouse, also featured an awesome projection on the wall provided by Pitts.

With five of the band’s Top 10 Cities on Spotify and six of their Top 10 Countries by YouTube viewership located in Asia, ‘Lovers’ has received much attention from media outlets across the region.

The first chapter of Lawson’s story saw them release five Top 10 singles and the Gold-certified debut album Chapman Square, playing shows with pop icons Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Take That. They returned from hiatus in 2018 to headline a show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire in the UK, which sold out in minutes. From the ecstatic fan reaction to the fun they had playing, it was evident that it was time for them to mount a comeback.

Both ‘Animals’ and ‘Lovers’ were released via Lawson’s new deal with Cooking Vinyl. They’re now perfectly poised to add to their career tally of 50 million streams on Spotify and 100 million views on YouTube.

We definitely can’t wait for more music from this fun group!





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