Could Coldplay be touring Asia in 2016?

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We don’t mean to alarm you but we think Coldplay could be visiting Asia next year








It all started with Warner Music Thailand’s cryptic message this morning (Oct 14):

(Translation: “We don’t know why but whenever it gets colder, we simply have to put this song on #SoChill #NextYearAlright #Hehe.”)

The song in question is “Yellow”, a hit off Coldplay’s debut album released back in 2000, Parachutes.

We don’t mind us some #WindbackWednesday but, oh, the tease and the secrecy!

It might not be what we hope, though. Rolling Stone reported in September the British band’s to-be-released record titled A Head Full Of Dreams would be one of “Must-Hear Fall Albums“. So, yeah, it could be just that (and Warner Music was just being totally uncool for giving people minor heart attacks).

Or the world Asia tour. Or BOTH.

Sources are already saying a stadium tour is tentatively scheduled for next summer. So considering this plus the unbelievably low-key six-venue tour associated with Ghost Stories last year and that this upcoming album will be Chris and co’s ~epic~ seventh (“[I]t’s like the last Harry Potter book […] this is the completion of something,” says the frontman), we are not wrong to expect great things.

In the meantime, we Asian nerds fans are just gonna raise our wands and keep chanting “Accio Coldplay”.





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