davvn reveals new single ‘mixed signals’ featuring Chillary

Genre-bending duo davvn are back with their first single of 2021, ‘mixed signals’.

Up-and-coming duo davvn have released an anthem for all the lovers struggling in the digital age titled, ‘mixed signals’.

‘mixed signals’ features the vocal talents of both davvn’s McCall Bliss and budding singer Chillary. The track fuses pop and electronic music with a bit of indie rock sprinkled throughout, a strength the pair excels at.

Opening up with a guitar riff and trap-inspired percussions, the track reaches its climax with the chorus and drums. Both vocalists share their inner fears and doubts brought on by maintaining a relationship during an age where lockdown is prevalent and people communicate via technology.

Boston-based duo davvn (pronounced ‘dawn’), consisting of members Mike Nuzzolo and McCall Bliss, have honed their signature styles over the past few years with their fusion of nostalgia-laden indie pop and dark electronic sounds.

Taking inspiration from Oh Wonder, Halsey, and Sasha Sloan, their unique sound enables the pair to craft catchy pop-punk and R&B-inspired hooks.

Versatile vocalist Chillary draws influences from Blink-182, Oliver Tree, Lil Peep who can adapt to pop, indie or rock-rap songs. ‘mixed signals’ is his first collaborative track which he co-wrote with davvn.





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