Gabe Watkins share melancholic breakup single ‘Blue Skies’

The Australian-Thai singer, who captivated listeners with his sun-soaked debut single ‘One Summer’, returns with mellow pop banger ‘Blue Skies’.

Gabe Watkins explores a different shade of blue with second single ‘Blue Skies’.

‘Blue Skies’ explores a strained relationship, which will lead to its eventual dissolution. It shows a couple, whom despite their physical attraction, are working their hardest to stay together.

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Looking up to the skies for a silver lining, Watkins steeped in melancholy, accepts that there is none and the relationship will gradually run its course. The skies may be blue, but they aren’t bright.

“Gave you all my love, I don’t need you anymore,” sings Watkins during the catchy chorus.

‘Blue Skies’ is the second release by indie pop singer Gabe Watkins. The song follows his debut single, ‘One Summer’, in August.

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The new track continues Watkins’ collaboration with producer Peerapon ‘Toon’ Iamjamrat of the Thai band Three Man Down.

Gabe Watkins grew up with a love for alternative/pop rock music. After finishing high school, the Australian-Thai singer took a gap year to focus on his music career. His efforts culminate with the release of his debut single ‘One Summer’, with its music video garnering over 200,000 views as of now.





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