Jackson Wang’s supergroup PANTHEPACK continues their momentum from their recently released debut album with a new music video featuring dancing fluffy pandas.

PANTHEPACK, consisting of members Jackson Wang, Karencici, ICE, and J.Sheon, have shared their latest music video for ‘Gut Feeling’.

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The song is taken from their hit debut album The Pack, and highlights Karencici’s rap flow blending seamlessly with the vocals of the other three members.

Featuring fluffy pandas, the new MV reels in viewers with its positive vibes. It is a drastically different video compared to the sci-fi aesthetics of ‘BUZZ’ and fun amusement park-themed ‘Pull Up’.

PANTHEPACK’s debut album swept the #1 position across seven countries on iTunes since its release last month on September 17. Equally ambitious and dedicated to pushing new boundaries, the members of PANTHEPACK serve up a power-packed sensory-filled, musical experience

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The group made their anonymous debut back in April with first single, ‘DNA’. The release gained considerable hype as fans were left guessing the identities of the members, which weren’t revealed until August.