Houg personifies time with new single ‘Metro (4:35)’

Singaporean chillwave producer Houg has shared his first single, ‘Metro (4:35)’, from his upcoming debut album.

After releasing his vibrant debut EP, The Oscillation Scene, last year, Houg has teased his upcoming debut album by sharing its first single, ‘Metro (4:35)’.

Released on August 27, the single is based on one of the chillwave artist’s vivid memory in 2019, during his time spent in Australia working 6am shifts as a part-time cook.

Houg says,

“These early mornings made it particularly frustrating trying to immerse myself in the liveliest experiences of the music scene, which would run into the late nights. These frustrations were embodied in my “Metro (4:35)” experience – 4:35 being the time I started my day to do the necessary.”

He explains further,

“Initially, I figured “eh, why not? Can’t be so hard to juggle just the two things right?”; but it did eventually take its toll on me. I remember my fear on many a 15-minute walk to the train station in the Melbourne cold – that I had lost the plot, constantly asking myself what I had gotten myself into by choosing this life.”

‘Metro (4:35)’ reflects on the concept of time, capturing Houg’s particular moment in Melbourne as he revisits contemplative thoughts during his moments of solitude.

“It’s implausible, to work enabled me to breathe life into my music and get me to where I am, and this, in turn, gave me the purpose to work. It was never certain whether things have gone wayward or whether I’m on the right track, keeping the conversation with myself will keep me steady in any realignment. — In hindsight, I still don’t know what a more ideal situation might have looked like. ”

Listen to the track via Spotify below.





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