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Justin Bieber is not sick of that “Same Old Love”

After his ex Selena Gomez and alleged musical rival Niall Horan (One Direction) were spotted on a night out together, Justin Bieber decided to share a picture of him and Selena taking a stroll and holding hands from their classic #Jelena days with a caption “crazy throwback”.

Crazy throwback

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Ah, young love.

This is not the first time Justin’s pulled a “crazy” throwback like this on Instagram. Actually, we’ve lost count. The “Sorry” singer hasn’t got over that “Same Old Love” Selena’s been giving the cold shoulder to in her new single, that’s for sure. And maybe right now we can say the same for Selena. The two were spotted dining at a hotel where Justin later serenaded Selena with a rendition of “My Girl”. Cue all the feels.

But not so fast. If our lead suggests anything, it’s that there’s a new player in the game: one Mr. Niall Horan of One Direction, ladies and gents. Selena and Niall reportedly went on a romantic date last Friday (Dec 4) at the Santa Monic pier. A roller coaster ride, ice creams, hand holding and a pack of fans and paps. That pretty much sums it up.

And this was just a night before they were seen kissing and “all over each other” on the dance floor at Jenna Dewan Tatum’s 35th birthday.

We suppose we understand why the Biebs posted what he posted… we think?

AsiaLivers, what do you guys think about all this? Will Nilena/Siall/Homez/Goran really be a thing? Will it be like Selena and Zedd’s brief fling or will it be the next Jelena? And more importantly, given so many choices, which ship name should we go with!?





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