In time for the summer season, Gavin Haley taps legendary drummer Travis Barker for an exclusive remix and music video for his single ‘Tati’, out now via Red Bull Records.

Joining Haley and West Coast rapper Yung Pinch, Barker’s remix is a pop punk-fueled rendition of the single, opening up with melodic guitar progressions before bursting into heavy-hitting drums and percussion.

Merging indie-pop vocals, hip-hop lyricism, and rock-infused instrumentals, Barker’s remix of ‘Tati’ effortlessly blends emo, alternative, and rap influences to create a slick and stylish collaboration.

Said Haley,

“When I found out Travis was going to remix ‘Tati’, I’m pretty sure I danced in my room for like 5 minutes. Aside from being so talented, I really respect his lifestyle and the energy he’s about. The collaboration is surreal to me. Excited for people to hear!”

Listen to the lit Travis Barker remix below. We’re pretty such that we danced in our rooms to the song too!!

Gavin Haley has fashioned an irresistible alternative pop sound with a hip-hop undercurrent offset by acoustic guitar and confessional lyrics. It immediately resonated on singles such as ‘Jet Lag’ and ‘Show Me’, as well as his 2019 debut EP Long Game which was described as “the feel-good music you need.”