Renowned DJ Nicky Romero has released a collaborative emotional banger with MARF and Wulf titled ‘Okay’.

The lyrics of ‘Okay’, the new single from Nicky Romero, MARF, and Wulf, deals with the importance of checking in on your loved ones, something that is relevant in today’s world due to the ongoing pandemic.

The song features soulful and emotive vocals with a feel-good, goosebump-inducing drop.

Nicky Romero says,

When it comes to the writing and production process, ‘Okay’ was a very special track to work on together with MARF & Wulf. For me, it has become a song close to my heart. During these extraordinary times, the people that are close to me became more important than ever. The message behind ‘Okay’ that we want to spread is that we should check on the people around us more often whether or not things are ‘okay.’ We should show them that we are there for them when they need us. Every line in the song has a deeper meaning, and I can’t wait to perform it live.”

MARF adds,

Lately, I feel that the people around us tell each other they are okay, while actually they’re not. We hope that they can open up a little bit more about how they really feel after listening to “Okay,” because no matter how you feel, it is okay!

Wulf also comments,

It is cool to see different musical worlds colliding, and I am very happy with the unique connection I have with Nicky and MARF. We could feel it immediately, and I think you can feel it in the song as well. I already get goosebumps when I think of how “Okay” will sound live at a festival. Wouldn’t it be magical to hear everybody singing ‘together we’ll be okay, we will be okay’?

Nicky Romero, best known for some of EDM’s all-time classic tunes such as ‘Legacy’ with Krewella and the #1 single ‘I Could Be The One’ with the late Avicii, is one of the genre’s leading producers and DJs in the scene.

He continues to showcase his label’s roster of artists via his weekly Protocol Radio show. He recently debuted his ‘Another World’ live stream concept last summer and launched his Monocule alter-ego.

Dutch producer MARF’s recent releases include ‘Sweet Mistake’ with KAAZE and ‘Miss You’ with Tungevaag and Sick Individuals. The two songs have amassed over 7 million and 11 million streams, respectively.

Wulf is best known for his collaborative single ‘Summer On You’ with Sam Feldt and Lucas & Steve.

In 2019, he released his debut album with the hit ‘Mind Made Up’, which stayed in the Top 40 for 15 consecutive weeks. He has also performed live alongside Afrojack during the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam this year.