The American DJ has dropped a faster and glitchier version of ‘Get Your Wish’, the lead single of his upcoming second LP, produced by someone who may or may not be him under the alias DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON (spoilers: it’s really him).

2020 has been a big year for Porter Robinson. He recently gave fans new material in the form of two singles, ‘Get Your Wish’ and ‘Something Comforting’, for his upcoming second album Nurture. He also hosted his Secret Sky livestream virtual concert which saw an eclectic lineup of his favorite artists and fellow DJs including San Holo, Madeon and Jai Wolf.

Earlier today, he surprise released a remix of lead single ‘Get Your Wish’ who may or may not have been produced by the DJ himself. Is it really Porter Robinson? Or maybe his Virtual Self alter ego? All that we know is that the remix, which is a speedier and glitchier version of the track, is made by a beatmaker known as DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON.

“⚠️WARNING :: THIS REMIX IS ABSOLUTELY 🚫NOT🚫 BY PORTER ROBINSON⚠️”, reads the pinned comment in the YouTube video.

All jokes aside, the track originally made its debut during Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky set which was one heck of an audiovisual experience. The reworked track is a lot speedier than the original with vocals glitching in and out, and will definitely get you moving to the beat if the original hasn’t done so already. You could say the remix is the original’s hyperactive and spastic cousin. Whatever the case, we are sure that this DJ NOT PORTER ROBINSON has considerable talent and hope to see more from the mysterious artist.

If somehow you missed the original track, you can check it out and compare between the two versions.

“Get your wish is a song about finding a reason to keep going, even if it’s not for your own sake”, reads the music video description of the original track. The song premiered in January this year, followed by ‘Something Comforting’ in March.

Porter Robinson is prepping up for his second album titled Nurture which has yet to have a release date. It is speculated that the album might have been put on hold due to the ongoing coronavirus situation. The producer recently debuted the album’s third track, ‘Look Up At the Sky’ as the closing track of his Secret Sky set.

For more Porter Robinson, relive his Secret Sky Festival set here.