Krimsonn drops swinging new single, ‘River Runs Dry’

The Salvadoran-born producer has dropped a new single, ‘River Runs Dry’, via the first NFT-fueled label Purple Fly.

Startup artist Krimsonn has dropped a new single with a rad drop that takes elements from swing music.

The lyrics behind ‘River Runs Dry’ is about artists branching out to try something new and risky when they aren’t able to find support from those around them.

The track inspires us all to follow your heart and take bold risks.

Krimsonn comments,

“‘River Runs Dry’ is about something that many artists go through – sometimes we want to feel free to create something unique and true to the artform but it’s hard to find people that believe in unusual and risky ideas. Melodically, it combines elements of dance with swing, with catchy and strong vocals.”

The new track follows previous releases by Purple Fly such as BLVD.’s collaborative singles ‘Miami’ and ‘Posterize’ featuring Fatman Scoop and Shaquille O’Neal, respectively.

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Krimsonn’s music draws inspiration from many genres including swing, jazz, disco, funk, and dance to create a unique blend of sounds.

He has released songs on major labels including KSHMR’ Dharma, Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Sam Feldt’s Heartfeldt, Ultra Records, among others. The Canada-based artist has collaborated with the likes of Thomas Gold and Jeffrey Sutorius.

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