Sad Alex - Stockholm's A Ghost Town

“Mix that with some bomb Swedish melodies and a sprinkle of Ed Sheeran…” – Sad Alex

Coming off the release of her acclaimed single ‘hypotheticals’, singer/songwriter Sad Alex debuts her highly anticipated follow-up, ‘Stockholm’s A Ghost Town’.

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Out now via Red Bull Records, ‘Stockholm’s A Ghost Town’ serves as a homage to anyone who has been ghosted. 

The single is a melodramatic reflection of a barely-blossoming relationship that disappeared without a trace. Sad Alex’s haunting vocals float in and out across acoustic guitar riffs and vibrant production, lamenting unanswered questions and unreciprocated feelings.

Says Sad Alex of the release,

“ I wrote this song after I managed to get my heart broken in a weeklong trip to Stockholm. It was an over-romanticized fling that started with rom-com fireworks on a hotel rooftop and ended with unanswered texts in a smelly Airbnb. My wine-fueled weeping was overdramatic but had more to do with the years of being ghosted than this nice Swedish guy. 

A few days later, I visited the songwriting school called Musikmakarna in Northern Sweden and wrote this with Axel Anderlund, Jonna Jaqueline, and Tobias Naslund. I wanted something that felt less ‘woe is me, I’ve been ghosted’ and more ‘come together all ye fellow ghostees.’ Mix that with some bomb Swedish melodies and a sprinkle of Ed Sheeran, and you’ve got yourself my favorite song I’ve released to date.”

A multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer, artist, illustrator, and dancer, Sad Alex brings a signature sense of humor, humility, and honesty to each release, crafting songs about lust, love, hate, and every emotion in between.

Sad Alex released her Red Bull Records debut earlier this year with ‘All The Way Over’, which received New Music Friday placements on Spotify in eight Asian territories.

Check out her Animal Crossing MV version of hypotheticals.

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