Kolour In The Park proves to be one of the top festivals in the scene with spectacular vibe and lineup

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Kolour In The Park has marked its return on Saturday, March 2 at Thai Wake Park. This edition, Kolour team surprised their fans with a new stage, made specifically for indie electro heads.

One of the most awaiting festivals for all underground techno-house music lover returned for another year at Thai Wake Park. This year, though, Kolour team accelerates its entertainment by adding alternative electronic beats to this adventurous park known for its water sports. Thai Wake Park opened its gate to let all the outstanding beatmakers across the world such as the biggest female techno DJ Charlotte De Witte and more alongside the indie electro heads’ favourites Masego, Yung Bae, SG Lewis and such to take over the field for the whole Saturday, March 2.

Kolour In The Park
©Kolour In The Park

From daylight to midnight, Kolour set up the whole new world for all the ravers. Despite shifting the event to one day, the festival this year should be more talked about for how serious it went for alternative electronic music performances.

For this bold step, adding few rising self-made music producers to the headlines, the festival trotters found themselves diving deep into the solid innovative tunes. Jazz infused melody from Masego just explicitly charmed the whole area of the live music stage. People before the stage with cups of drinks in their hands just bouncing and dancing around. Giggling and laughing were spotted everywhere.

Masego in Thailand
©Kolour In The Park, Snap With Me

This such chillaxing vibe went on with the performances from SG Lewis and Yung Bae as well. We witnessed the whole field became like a hub for electronic music lovers. We couldn’t be more joyful when seeing people who were the big fans of techno started to come by the front of the stage and found themselves enjoying what they were hearing. This live music stage just kinda brought liveliness to the festival even more.

SG Lewis in Thailand
©Kolour In The Park

For the awaited headliners like Charlotte De Witte, the crowd were excelled by her awesomeness. Her selected sounds stunned the crowd and excelled the whole field with that deep yet understandable techno music. People just couldn’t stop dancing for any second.

Moreover, what surprised us was how great ATMA was on stage. About the half end of the show, his stage, somehow, in spite of his crew, is joined by some of the crazy and fun audiences. It was lit!

Meanwhile, the must-watch acts such as Barcelona-based beatmaking duo Fur Coat, Aussie brilliant electronic dance music act— Hayden James also gave the audience big time of entertainment.

Kolour In The Park
©Kolour In The Park

Aside from all these international acts, the top-notched acts of Kolour In The Park 2019 that one shouldn’t underestimate were the nation’s very own talents Boris Rubin, Dan Buri, Gramaphone Children and Kuroten. They all just took the stage with such energy that lightened the whole event up.

Also, one of the ponds in the park was turned to be part of the party allowing the attendees to jump in and float around the ponds under the sun. Therfore, the scenario such, people or kids relaxing on the swim tubes were pretty normal. Meanwhile, the other pond was still booked for water sport.

Kolour In The Park
©Kolour In The Park, Snap With Me

After being part of Kolour In The Park for years, now, we can finally confirm you guys that Kolour will surely never let you down. It will only look forward to seeing itself grow and glow. And for this 2019 edition alone, we could tell you that we all were literally in cloud nine throughout this over 12 hours of non-stop dancing and laughing….of course, with affordable cups of drinks in our hands and reasonable-priced delicious bites in our mouth.

Special thanks to Kolour In The Park.
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